An Artist is Burped

My first pencil portrait, the really awful one, probably took me about 30 minutes to complete. The second one of my g-g-grandfather I worked on for about a month. So this next one took me almost 3 months:

This is my in-laws (3/2006), from a photo my uncle took on my wedding day. When I first completed their faces, I was disappointed that it did not resemble them as much as I had hoped. So I dove into another book my Dad had gotten me: Drawing a Likeness. This book mostly worked in charcoals, and used a completely different approach which seemed harder. I wasn’t ready to change mediums and techniques mid-picture, but I did discover here how important the little tiny details in a face are. So I went painstakingly back over the drawing. I would cover up everything but one eye or a nose on both the drawing and the photo and look at it from every angle, near, far, squinting, bright lights, until I felt it was identical. I used tracing paper to check every part.

To critique it, I don’t think K’s hair came out right. My technique is completely wrong. I need to get some advice on that if I do something similar.


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