An Artist Grows Up and Seeks a New Metaphor

I liked drawing portraits but decided I wanted to be better at drawing from real life instead of always photos. Also, it’s not a hobby if you’re not at the hobby shop spending money, so for both these reasons I invested $10 in a little sketchbook, about 4 x 8. It is somewhat intimidating to be faced with a 9 x 12 sheet of blank paper that when completed must be ripped off and then either discarded or framed, so with this sketchbook I freed myself to try new things.

The first thing I drew was a pine tree in our backyard, while our masonry contractor was digging to pour a patio. I liked doing it but never bothered finishing. So it stares reproachfully at me every time I open my book. “Don’t you turn that page! Hey, get back here, mpph, mpph!” it says. So there’s no way I’m putting that whiny sketch in my blog. This one is better behaved:

This is my Teapot (5/2006) and the sketch is A’s favorite; I don’t know why. I picked this subject because I liked the way the blue stands out against the grey; it made me think of those commercials where only one item is in color, and I thought it would be fun to splash in some blue. It is the first sketch from life that I completed. I spent about an hour on it and neither of us was too happy. The teapot complains that I messed up the perspective on the top, and overall it looks like something from a high-school art show. It is not my favorite, but we are reconciled to each other.


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