Another Book

I was unsatisfied with my first attempts at drawing from life, so it was back to the hobby shop to buy a comfortingly thin book, Pencil Drawing – Projects for Beginners. I brought it with me to the cottage and began a summer of sketching. Here is one of my first pages:

These sketches (6/2006) were just meant to give me the idea how to draw various textures. Ironically, it was necessary to do a lot of copying of the author’s drawings in order to try to improve my own. I think one problem is that it is difficult to interpret the real world, to convert it into pencil lines or dabs of paint. As a beginner, I am letting more experienced artists show me how they interpret. They show how they get the effect of stones or bricks. I get the general idea, but my sketch still has my own style.

The next assignment was to sketch some objects by finding their basic shapes. We were to do this from life and make very rough sketches. I was too lazy to get up and find objects to draw, so this is what I saw at the porch table where I was sitting:

I loved doing this, partly because I just love to start a whole bunch of things and not finish them, but also because I loved capturing the kids’ little moments. A was sitting across from me playing with, what else?, Lego. He was unaware I was sketching until the second page, and I just loved how intently and freely he was building his little thing. Then K walked off with it while A watched her enjoy it, and then they were posing for me. A said this page looked like a little movie. After all that motion, I captured J sitting straight-backed and motionless on the other end of the porch, enjoying his beer and the view.


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