I used to be a computer programmer and help-desk, but a lot has changed in 12 years.  My “art” work today consisted of setting up a Facebook page, connecting it to my new WordPress gallery, and trying to figure out how to get my newfangled “domain name” (expandingcircle.net) to point to WordPress.

Thanks to my husband for purchasing the domain name.  He got one for himself at the same time for his new Android app business.

I’m really impressed with WordPress’ ability to adapt to different uses.  We were discussing it with my dad, who is interested in having it be the web presence for a non-profit he heads, using the blog part for news releases.  Yep, it can do that.  I use it as a food blog, using the blog posts for meal menus and comments on articles, and using the static pages for recipes.  Works great.  And now I’m using it as an art gallery with a casual blog on the side.  My husband plans to use WordPress for his app business as well.

When I was looking for online art galleries this week, everything looked like ebay or etsy, with the white background, menus all over, lists of other people’s art, anything they could think of to distract people from…looking at art.  They make me feel twitchy.  Here’s a typical one, and it seems as though the art has been commoditized, daubs on a canvas you can drop in your virtual shopping cart.  I like the part about making it easier for people to buy art.  I don’t care for the part where all human connection has been stripped away.

I spent many hours on this search last week, and it was very draining.  My husband asked if WordPress had a gallery option, and while it’s not obvious, indeed it does.  WordPress let me build a nice clean site.


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