Square Dancers

Square Dancers 1, 8 x 10 Pastel (O, P)

I finished this pastel today. It’s my first artwork in a long time to have people in it, and I would like to get better at doing people’s faces indistinctly. I practiced a little before finishing this, but studying how other artists do it and practicing more is in order.

I had to really fuss with the composition from my source photos. I did sketches and scaled them up and down on the copier, cut them out and moved them around. In the pastel Square which I started after this one, I like the varied levels of the dancers heads, but I also really like the two ladies in the background, and their quiet contrast with the movement of the dancers. Other artists counseled against them, saying it would take away from the foreground action, but I still like it. I love the dress of the woman in white.

I just noticed that somehow in the scan the woman in back ends up looking like she has a giant elf ear.  Ha!


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