I saw an ad for a Zentangle® kit and was intrigued. I looked up their website, followed the three YouTube videos, and started reading their back newsletters. I’m hooked!

I’ve never worked with ink before, being intimidated that pens don’t come with erasers. But these are fun! I find them to be good for hand-eye coordination. They’re said to be great to teach to non-art groups, such as kids, inmates, and social clubs.

I’d like to play with them more and get to a point where I feel I can plan designs better and control outcomes.  Often the pattern emerges as a complete surprise to me.  I’d also like them to show my own style  – to me they look as though they could have been made by anyone, and look nothing like my other work.

4 responses to “Zentangling

    • I can see that happening, especially if I just keep copying their stuff. I am wondering how to adapt it to my needs, integrate it into my art. I’ve seen cards where people sketch animals and then fill them with random doodles in random colors, and that’s not what I want. I’ll keep it in the back of my mind, and meanwhile it’s just fun.

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