Tertiary Values

Color Chart Value TertiariesOver five days I painted value charts of all six tertiaries, red-orange, orange-yellow, yellow-green, green-blue, blue-violet, and violet-red.  This is a continuation of exercises from the packet, Color Theory Made Really Easy.  I decided not to do all the watercolor values like before.  I did add little dots of primaries and secondaries at the bottoms of the stacks, so I could compare them to the tertiaries, very useful.  The gouache came with two blues so I used the yellow one with green and the red one with purple.

My gouache set coming with all the secondaries premixed made these assignments much easier than they would have been had I had to use just the primaries, or worse, the off-primary hues I have to work with in watercolor.  I was mostly able to just mix equal blobs of color.

I think the most useful part of this exercise is going around afterwards matching the colors to things in my house.  I can’t believe how much I learn from doing that.

(UPDATE: I’m done and selling the course.)

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