Ella 4, 4.5x7 Ink (O, P)

Ella 4, 4.5×7 Ink (O, P)

I never wanted to do ink drawings because they did not seem forgiving, but after a demonstration on ink by Kristina Hutch at a Pittsford Art Group meeting, I was encouraged to try.  It would be very tedious to watch someone make progress on an ink drawing, so (in addition to talking about her motivations and ideas) she just demonstrated the basic strokes she uses and where they work well.  The take-away for me was that this medium is actually very forgiving.  For instance, she had a beautiful drawing of a cat, and the whiskers appeared to have been left completely white.  “Well, one slip and it’s trash,” I thought.  But when I looked at it closely, I saw the whiskers were full of lines, just not as many as the fur around them.  And that seemed to be the key – light areas aren’t white but lightly filled, and that leaves room for error.

Yesterday I was at an Earth Day fair tabling five hours for 1. the environmental reasons for vegetarianism, 2. about GMOs, and 3. selling my work on behalf of the vegetarian society.  I knew there’d be a lot of down time, so I wanted something I could do while standing, give only half my attention to, put down instantly, and yet still be productive.  Ink drawing turned out to be it, and here is my first.  It was fun and easy.  This is the same shot I used for a pastel, Ella Remembered.


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