2014-12-02 Nellie

Nellie, 8 x 10 Pastel (O, P)

As soon as I saw my relative’s dog, I wanted to paint her.  And when I saw her jump up on the colorful sofa for a break from the guests, I knew I had my composition.

7 responses to “Nellie

  1. Who belongs to Nellie.  She is so cute.  How big is she and how much more will she grow?  The picture is very good Tina, but I love your art anyway—maybe I not a good judge, I’m slightly prejudice.  K 

    • She’s my dad’s cousin’s, in Colorado. I’d guess she’s 25 lbs., and all grown up. She’s really sweet and friendly. She lives with her friend Ernie but I couldn’t get a good picture of him. He looks a little like Max, only tan.

    • Thanks! I’ve never taught, though it sounds like fun. I don’t actually paint much any more, just once a week with an ongoing painting group. I have been busy with AR, and life. Where is your work?

  2. I like the creativity energy of a group too. I am a sometimes artist, for myself, more therapeutically, BFA from Queens College. Some classes at SVA. Wish I would be more prolific but just can’t seem to get there. AR involvement is definitely important, though, it is depressing how people don’t want to see the larger picture and open their hearts. Anyway the only place some of my stuff is is on my facebook page. Please feel free to snoop, and friend me if you wish 🙂 thanks for asking

    • I like your work a lot – marker or color pencil? Looks like they take a long time. Your B&W cat would make a great subject – I like the yellow cat you did – what media?

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