Fooling Around

I have been doing a series of casual 6 x 6’s in various media, usually on the back of scrap or abandoned paintings.  I didn’t sign any, with the thought of taking them to the RoCo 6x6x2014 show.

The first three are from a Farm Sanctuary calendar, the cub was from some magazine, and the other three are my own photos.

Meridian Centre 1

Meridian Centre 1, 8 x 10 Charcoal and Color Pencil

As I walk around Rochester at this time of year, there is not a lot of color. Instead of using artistic license to add color, or working really hard to “find” it, I started thinking of making a more monochromatic drawing to reflect a simplification of what I see.

I didn’t need to go far from my house to find a plain landscape that could be accurately rendered in just charcoal and ochre pencil on white paper.  I also threw in some terracotta pencil highlights.

I used the smoother back of pastel paper for this.

Oh, what a wet and muddy walk that was.  How I suffer for my art!