Pittsford Town Hall

Some of my artwork is on display at Pittsford (NY) Town Hall until the end of June.

Flora and Fauna

My friend and I are having a duet show at the Memorial Art Gallery at The Friendly Home at 3156 East Avenue, “Flora and Fauna,” her flowers and my animals, until June 30th, 2014.  Follow the link above to see my friend’s artwork.  Here’s what’s showing of mine:

Goat 5

Goat 5, 5 x 7 Ink (O, P)

Goat 5, 5 x 7 Ink (O, P)

This friendly fellow lives at Farm Sanctuary (Watkins Glen, NY).  I loved his completely open and trusting expression.  Some goats are wary, some goats look like they’re about to pick your pocket, many see me as a complicated back-scratcher or wanted help getting apples down from the tree overhead.  This guy had no agenda.