Pittsford Town Hall

Some of my artwork is on display at Pittsford (NY) Town Hall until the end of June.

Meridian Centre 1

Meridian Centre 1, 8 x 10 Charcoal and Color Pencil

As I walk around Rochester at this time of year, there is not a lot of color. Instead of using artistic license to add color, or working really hard to “find” it, I started thinking of making a more monochromatic drawing to reflect a simplification of what I see.

I didn’t need to go far from my house to find a plain landscape that could be accurately rendered in just charcoal and ochre pencil on white paper.  I also threw in some terracotta pencil highlights.

I used the smoother back of pastel paper for this.

Oh, what a wet and muddy walk that was.  How I suffer for my art!

Torrey Pines 1

Torrey Pines 1, 8 x 10 Pastel

I finished this pastel today.  This is from Torrey Pines State Reserve, my favorite part of our trip to San Diego a few years ago.  This is my first pastel from outside New York, and it was nice to be able to use blue for the sky.

Related story, when my son was about four, he was drawing a landscape with crayon and I asked him, what color is the sky?  White, he answered, and that’s the crayon he reached for.

Sonnenberg Gardens 1

Sonnenberg Gardens 1, 8 x 10 Pastel

I did this pastel yesterday.  I’ve only been to Sonnenberg Gardens in Canandaigua, NY once, and I only took a few photos.  I wasn’t painting landscapes then and wasn’t really thinking about collecting images – I’ll have to go back.  And I hope I’ve learned my lesson – take photos of things even if I’m not really interested in painting them right now.

This was in the Japanese Garden, designed in 1906.