Pittsford Art Group Winter Show

Maria, 8 x 10 Watercolor (O, P)

Maria, 8 x 10 Watercolor (O, P)

Maria was accepted into the PAG’s Winter Show.  She’ll be hanging around the Pittsford Federal Credit Union in Mendon, NY until February.


Maria, 8 x 10 Watercolor (O, P)

Maria, 8 x 10 Watercolor (O, P)

I was chicken-sitting for neighbors one winter a few years back.  There had been a lot of snow and while the chickens loved to peck the snow, it was way too deep for them to walk in, so they had been stuck in a small patio I was shoveling for them.

This was the first warm day and the snow began to melt around objects such as this free-standing door.  They were thrilled to sneak along the edges of the snow and peck in the dirt for greens and roots.

Fooling Around

I have been doing a series of casual 6 x 6’s in various media, usually on the back of scrap or abandoned paintings.  I didn’t sign any, with the thought of taking them to the RoCo 6x6x2014 show.

The first three are from a Farm Sanctuary calendar, the cub was from some magazine, and the other three are my own photos.

Flora and Fauna

My friend and I are having a duet show at the Memorial Art Gallery at The Friendly Home at 3156 East Avenue, “Flora and Fauna,” her flowers and my animals, until June 30th, 2014.  Follow the link above to see my friend’s artwork.  Here’s what’s showing of mine:

Goat 5

Goat 5, 5 x 7 Ink (O, P)

Goat 5, 5 x 7 Ink (O, P)

This friendly fellow lives at Farm Sanctuary (Watkins Glen, NY).  I loved his completely open and trusting expression.  Some goats are wary, some goats look like they’re about to pick your pocket, many see me as a complicated back-scratcher or wanted help getting apples down from the tree overhead.  This guy had no agenda.

Brighton Art Show

Here are the works I’ve chosen to enter into the Brighton Art Show this year.  It will be a quick show this time, just October 18th and 19th, with a reception at 6 pm on the 18th.